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tarot of the Northern Stars

    thanks to Robert Henry for all the tarot teaching
    any errors in interpretation are probably his
    : ) © marcellavee (Anita Greg )  May 17 2009

    a Tarot of the Northern Skies
    For each card , there's a verse
    and some of them are very bad
    and some are even worse

    The Fool

    The Great Bear plays the part of Fool

    he wanders round and round
    and from two stars upon his back
    the Pole Star can be found
    He is a most beloved bear
    His fame is not in doubt
    There is an Ursa Minor too
    Who follows him about

    his head is not entirely lit
    his brightest stars are down a bit
    A bear of very little brain
    he follows Minor round again

    so round and round and round the Pole
    like heffalumps they go
    they never set - they never leave
    but footprints in the snow
    Its how the Arctic gets its name
    Arcas and Callisto

    The Magician

    Boôtes- Man of Mystery
    with no known role in history
    Arcturus in his mystic knee
    most people will say " who he ? "
    but they don't understand his role
    he herds the bears around the Pole
    of this they may be unawares
    he is the brain behind the bears

    The High Priestess

    next is Virgo - High Priestess
    with starry clusters on her dress
    the ecliptic runs right through her brain
    and then through Spica , ear of grain
    Across the threshold she unfurls
    the Inner and the Outer worlds
    between the pillars black and white
    she keeps the watches , day and night

    one side towards the Pole Star's glow
    the other faces cup and crow

    The Empress

    Empress of Aetheopia
    Her Royal Highness , Cassiopeia
    She's sitting in her in golden chair
    And combing out her golden hair
    Her daughter makes her very proud
    But she said so ...... much too loud

    The Emperor

    because of Cassiopeia's boast
    a whale has turned his realm to toast
    to save the last of cattle stock
    he chained his daughter to a rock
    Andromeda , that was her name
    and that is how he came to fame
    apart from that there's not much more
    to Cepheus , the Emperor

    but recently it has been found
    that Cepheids can measure Space
    they are a " Universal Candle "
    with Constants more than I can handle
    and so it helped our understanding
    about the Universe expanding
    his life was just a heap of trouble
    but now he's famous , thanks to Hubble

    The Heirophant

    The Heirophant is Draco , curled
    around the centre of the world
    and some things rise and some things fall
    the Heirophant has seen them all
    His star Thuban was once , they say
    the Pole Star , and again one day .
    He's hardly noticed , but he's there
    and here and here and everywhere
    and cold and scaly , old and wise

    - try looking out through Draco's eyes

    The Lovers

    We're back in Aethiopia
    Its where we left Andromeda
    She's promised to a vicious whale
    and just in case her nerve should fail
    or she get bored and wander off
    or have ideas of growing older
    she's naked and tied to a boulder

    just then a hero passes by
    with shiny hair and blue of eye
    he's riding on a flying horse
    she falls in love with him of course
    and calls on him to rescue her
    and he thinks it looks a good idea
    but round the corner comes the whale
    oh goodness ! What will happen now ?

    but two is company , three's a crowd
    they all agree on this
    and Cetus rears his massive head
    and gives an ugly hiss
    but Perseus has just come back
    and has Medusa in a sack
    he tells the girl to close her eyes
    and shuts his own and then removes
    the cover from Medusa's head

    the whale said something rude - in Greek

    Andromeda then gave a shriek
    and looked and looked and to her shock
    where once was whale with open jaws
    was now an instant rock

    so -
    a good result all round
    I'd say - all live and love another day
    the mortals now are joining lips

    Cetus is happy wrecking ships

    The Chariot

    Auriga is the charioteer
    and for unknown reasons holds a deer
    strictly , a goat , but that won't rhyme.
    Auriga turns the Wheel of Time
    its cogs enmesh with the Ecliptc
    between the bull's horns - it is cryptic
    where the power comes from is lost in fog

    and all we see is just the cog


    Truth , the Lyre , can strike a chord
    and Justice, blindfold , holds a sword
    both can cut apart the air
    and both are True and both are Fair

    The Hermit

    his shoulder vast - his head is small
    he hardly has a brain at all
    with just a sword and starry belt
    he only wears a lions pelt
    but as he strides the starry skies
    the Pleiades are in his gaze
    forever just out of his reach
    companion dog is at his side
    and a rabbit there to chase

    I wouldn't say that he's not wise

    The Wheel of Fortune

    the Wheel of Fortune turns around
    its like the London Eye
    one moment you are on the ground
    the next you're way up high
    you look one way – its Thamesmead , grey
    the other way – its France
    the up and down is not our choice
    what is - which way to glance


    I couldn't find the stars for this
    although I tried my best
    there's Leo and there's Hercules
    and Taurus and the rest
    but even they are not quite right
    they do not pass the test
    the tarot card is in two parts
    the power and the controls
    and neither Lion or Hercules
    can really play both roles
    so perhaps it is Dark Energy
    that is the real Strength card
    and what this looks like I don't know
    and nor does Stephen Hawkin

    The Hanged Man

    The Hanged man card is tricky too
    I cannot find the stars
    To show a man without a name
    With head beneath his toes
    Its not so much he's upside down
    as half of them are that
    but none of them are ankle–tied
    and swinging like a bat

    he hangs between the sky and earth
    his moneys gone – its nothing worth
    he seems to smile - he doesn't stress
    he doest mind his helplessness
    he sees the things the others don't
    he's swinging from a bit of rope
    and hanging by a thread

    A thing of ambiguity
    of being tied but being free
    acceptance and serenity
    he's smiling half way up a tree
    just like the Cheshire Cat
    he's not in water , in the air
    not on the ground or fire
    a Quantum World is where he lives
    he's Here - he's There - he's Everywhere
    he is the halfway up the stair
    he is the square root of the square
    if there's four tyres , then he's the spare
    he is Achilles – he's the hare
    the No Place in between each Where
    split second in Infinity
    particle in Uncertainty
    Shr?dinger's famous entity

    The Nine Lives and the Hat



    Death lies between the Scorpion's claws
    It opens up and closes doors
    the centre of the Galaxy
    where stars are thickest , here is he
    He guards the doorway of the Soul
    and by his tail and poison sting
    the Galaxy's Black Hole

    what lies behind I do not know
    but through it , all will someday go


    from Scorpion's sting a river springs
    its foamy waters , new life brings
    In things long dead and things unborn
    here flies the Eagle and the Swan
    through Cepheus and Cassiopea
    through Perseus and the Charioteer
    the starry water flows

    Orion holds his arm up high
    it soaks the feet of Gemini
    and ploshes round their toes

    it flows between Orion's dogs
    and here the flush of mud and frogs
    and broken things and froth and foam
    becomes a milky unicorn

    and when at last it reaches shore , a ship will sail for ever more

    The Devil

    The Hydra has so many faces
    Turns up in unexpected places
    In crannies and in nooks
    It has a cup upon its back
    And also Corvus , inky black
    Who hangs around with rooks

    It is made of bits of many nations
    It is one of Gaia's worse creations
    Cthulu's one of his relations
    According to old books

    Its made up of Primal Slime
    Its guilty of all kinds of crime
    Call it for an interesting time
    Its older than it looks

    The Tower
    CANCER, the crab

    the Tower is a thing of Will
    a masterpiece of human skill
    where king does as he please
    and from its heights the king looks out
    across the world from last redoubt
    but all he sees is tops of trees

    the Tower is safe from attack
    but those within can't grow
    there's things out in the forest
    that those inside can't know

    the shell can only hold him back
    the carapace will have to crack
    and those inside must take their chance
    go naked to the forest dance
    to hear the forest music
    and hop and fall or fly or trip
    and sink or swim or flow


    the Star
    SIRIUS / SOTHIS (soul of Isis )

    her rising makes the floods rise up
    and brings life to the plain
    the Stream of Inspiration
    it pours down like spring rain
    she tips her starry waters
    on land and lake and sea
    - no password needed here , no skill
    no terms , no weakest link
    no undeserving - it is free
    so take it up and drink !

    The Moon

    sometimes in shadow sometimes bright , she sails the sky and claims the night

    by moonlight , nothing's what it seems
    as creatures crawl from ponds in dreams
    and horrors howl and screech and crawl

    she calmly gazes down on all
    and though she's hardly seen by day
    she never turns her face away

    The Sun

    He smiles down on the children's play
    He makes the plants to grow
    An ordinary star in every way
    But if he should ever go ...
    Without him we are dust or worse

    ...... A smear across the Universe


    She sails along the Milky Way
    She sees the World from High
    Her trumpet sounds and from the mounds
    from stone and rock and clay
    no grave can hold
    as young and old
    rise up and greet her cry

    Her wings will carry souls away
    To where they do not die

    The World
    POLARIS and the four Royal Stars

    The traveller comes to weary rest
    The Dance of Life complete
    but just as he is laying down
    He gets back on his feet

    There's no beginning , is no end
    Oroboros just goes round the bend
    His mouth is round his feet

    A single point is in a ring
    it is the song the angels sing
    World , Universe - and Everything

    marcellavee ( Anita Greg ) May 17 , 2009