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the High Priestess

the High Priestess from the Rider Waite Smith deck

The High Priestess

The Journey to meet the High Priestess begins with a chant .


I sang Yod Heh Vau Heh for about ten minutes

 with the first two sounds being on the middle note , the Vau being two syllables the first on a note above the middle note , the second on a note below  and returning to the middle note for the second Heh


 Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh with Shin being the middle note again


but if this doesn't feel like something you can relate to at all then try something else

but by chanting you will attune to the world of sound , vibrations and to the Abstract and this is the zone of the High Priestess -  the zone of things we have no words for and can make no mental shapes for but may perhaps come through as sonics of some kind


Entering into the Tarot Landscape ( is somebody else going to write this ? ) you will take a left turn over the grassy headland and find yourself going downwards to a rocky outcrop surrounded by sea


there is a square flat area among the rocks and it is marked out into black and white squares . On it are two round pillars - the left one is black and the right one is white

Between the two pillars hangs a veil of thin grey material and in front of the veil sits a woman dressed in a voluminous robe  . Her skin is pale and luminous - her robe is black and unreflective .

Or perhaps her face is black and luminous - her robe is white

her face is marked with the scars of old injuries but as she sits here between the pillars , she is serene , composed and ageless

She looks at you and perhaps she smiles .


On her lap she holds a book or a scroll . She is not reading the book but perhaps you may . The book contains the blueprints of everything there is , everything there was and everything there will be .

Not how it seems from your individual perspective point of view but of how it really is .


On her head may be the symbol of the triple moon in the shape of the crown of Hathor but in the book is the understanding that the moon is singular , unchanging and reflective .


The moon is not fickle as Juliet describes her - - it is the lighting that changes

but Juliet is only fifteen or something and in love and she does not know that yet ,


Both the Appearance ( triple moon ) and the Reality ( single moon ) - the Subjective and Objective - are important and valid and the High Priestess makes a window to both

 but also a window to the distance and especially the angle between them .

Because this is the angle of Being in which we are alive .

Something may appear on the pages of the book or she may hand you the book to look at and you may read something on one of the pages which may describe something familiar but looked at from a different angle 

Take a while to look at this book - there is no hurry



The outcrop surrounded by sea is at the edge of the World

The Priestess guards the Gateway and permits or does not permit the passing through of both outward and inward forces - according to rules of her own

 or to her own interpretations of the Laws that govern the operation of the Dimensions


So - passing sideways in the plane of the pillars  -

 this doorway of the two pillars is the break in the invisible bounding wall that circles our own Dimension

and between these two pillars of Certainty is the gap of Uncertainty

and here sits the Priestess - letting things pass or not

- apparently random and endlessly irrational 

but perhaps rational according to a logic outwith our understanding 

for the Priestess has the nature of a Quasicrystal which is endlessly random in this dimension but coherent and structured in the context of an extra dimension


So that in the person of the Priestess , chaos and logic are both embodied and resolved .


She also has the key to travel between the Dimensions because she not only has access to the others but exists in them simultaneously so with the help of the Priestess we may travel though

and just as importantly - return to our own


The Fool can travel through this bounding wall by becoming so small and light and such an insignificant dancing speck of a sub-sub-particle of light that he can pass through un-noticed 

 but he can carry nothing of any substance with him


But through the doorway of the Priestess we can pass through with full consciousness -

- although what our human consciousness will make of the Outer Realms it encounters is another matter

since here are things for which we really have no mental framework 

it may be received in sounds - or by soundless sounds - or the spaces between sounds 

which is where attuning to this way of communication by chanting will have helped to prepare us

 - or it may be in terms of familiar figures as actors - acting the roles of things beyond our comprehension

or  by both - or by some other means entirely - go and see !


So perhaps after asking the Priestess - we will dissolve into her and pass through


And what we find on the other side may be the moon , which is really the Priestess herself  - it may be the vista to the outer reaches of our own Cosmos and beyond

 or it may be anywhere at all - Any Place or any Time - Outer or Inner

and communicate in any language or none at all

but we may explore these realms knowing that while the Priestess is here with us - a part of her is still between the pillars on the rocky outcrop as this is the nature of the structure of the crystal that she is and along the facets of which we are travelling


we travel hopefully - seeing what is to be seen and hearing what is to be heard and feeling what it is like to be outside the familiar circle of our own Dimensions


And when we wish – and even if we do not wish - at some point inevitably as we follow the edges - we will return to the point in our world

where the Priestess sits between the black and the white pillars on the square platform of black and white squares among the rocks

.and hear the sound of screeching gulls 

and know that we are back in our own World


We stay there for a while as this is the place of Reflection - perhaps wrapped in a grey blanket , warm against the sea-wind and perhaps we notice that if her face was white she is now black and if her face was black it is now white and that her robe has also changed to the opposite colour

and also know that she hasn't really changed at all and it is our perception that has changed

or perhaps it is just the light .


We thank her 

and perhaps we see that she has a white egg under her left hand speckled with grey

We may be able to see what is in the egg - or we may not

She may give us the egg to take away with us 

or she may not

we may leave the egg with her to hatch - which it may not or it may

and what it will hatch into - we may someday know -

 or then again - we may not ever


And perhaps the waves have made a pool of water in front of her and we see her reflected in that pool with the sky and gulls behind her

the pillars to either side and the waves have swept seashells into the pool


A grey sea-fog comes down and envelopes first the tops of the pillars and slowly down to the base -- the Priestess gradually disappears into the fog  and it rolls over the chequered floor , the pool and the shells until all that is left is the rocks - 

 the sound of the sea and the cries of the gulls in the fog


but we know the Gateway to the Otherworlds is still there - will always be there and will always be watched over by the High Priestess until the End of Time


We leave her with sadness but knowing that we may return there someday ,

Any day


but for now , we make our way back up the grassy hill and through the Tarot landscape - find the doorway into our everyday world and after a while - have a cup of tea

 make toast

and maybe make some notes or sketches of what we experienced in the company of the High Priestess


marcellavee ( Anita Greg ) 18th January 2013



Notes and Queries


 card - roughly a mixture of the Marseilles tarot and Coleman-Smith

Yod Heh Vau Heh and Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh

these are the names of God in Hebrew

 explained in far more sophistcated ways that I can, here       http://home.iae.nl/users/lightnet/creator/universelivingbeing.htm 

or probably many other places

but basically


Heh - female

Vau - joined

second Heh - different level

and Shin being made of flame

 or the location could be the cave in Leonardo da Vinci's " Virgin of the Rocks "

Quasicrystals are real   see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quasicrystal



·         how many squares on the platform ?